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Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills at a Glance

  • Take a pill each day to prevent pregnancy
  • Safe, effective, and convenient
  • Easy to get
  • Cost 3300yen per package (=100yen per day)
  • How Do I Get Birth Control Pills?

    (Current or experienced user of the pills who does not need a consultation)
    Provide your name, phone number, name of the pills which you are using and quantity you require, to the the inquiry form. Or, email us : info@klcs.jp.
    You will receive a bill via email shortly. (sender address : invoicing@messaging.squareup.com)
    Follow the instructions, make the payment by credit card. After the transaction has been confirmed, the pills will be posted to you.

    Cost (including tax) : The pills 3300yen per sheet+ Postage 660yen . No doctor fee needed.

    (First time user of the pill.)
    A) Visit the clinic for a consultation.
    B) Consult a doctor by using the app [CLINICS].

    Download the app from the link below.
    Download from App StoreDownload from Google Play
    Download the app from the link below.Register your address and your credit card information in the app.Domestic postage only.
    Choose [ケイレディースクリニック新宿] in the app.
    Make an online appointment by using the app.
    Receive an online video consultation in English by using the app.
    The pills will be posted to the registered address.
    Cost (including tax) : Reservation fee 550yen+ Doctor fee 3300 yen+ The pills 3300yen per sheet.

    The app is in Japanese,if you have difficulties reading or understanding Japanese, JHI can assist you.
  • What Are Birth Control Pills?

    Birth control pills are a kind of medication that women can take daily to prevent pregnancy. They are also sometimes called “the pill” or oral contraception.
  • How Do Birth Control Pills Work?

    Birth control pills are made of hormones. Hormones are chemicals made in our bodies.
    Some birth control pills contain two hormones - estrogen and progestin. These are called combination pills. Some are progestin-only pills, but these are not available in Japan. Most women on the pill take combination pills.
    The hormones in the pill work by keeping a woman’s ovaries from releasing eggs - ovulation. Pregnancy cannot happen if there is no egg to join with sperm. The hormones in the pill also prevent pregnancy by thickening a woman’s cervical mucus. The mucus blocks sperm and keeps it from joining with an egg.
    The hormones also thin the lining of the uterus. In theory, this could prevent pregnancy by keeping a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus.
  • What Are the Benefits of Birth Control Pills?

    Taking the pill is simple, safe, and convenient. It does not interfere with having sex. Many women say it improves their sex lives because it helps them feel more spontaneous.
    Women who do not need birth control often choose to take the pill for the other benefits.The combination pill offers many other benefits, including some protection against
    • acne
    • ectopic pregnancy
    • endometrial and ovarian cancers
    • serious infection in the ovaries, tubes, and uterus
    • iron deficiency anemia
    • cysts in the breasts and ovaries
    • premenstrual symptoms, including headaches and depression
    • bad cramps
    • heavy and/or irregular periods
  • How Do I Take Birth Control Pills?

    There are 2types of packages, 28-day or 21-day packs.
    In the 28-day packs, 21 pills are "active" that contain hormones. The last seven pills are called "reminder" pills. They do not contain hormones.
    In the 21-day packs, one pill is taken every day for three weeks in a row. No pills are taken for the next week, and then a new pack of pills is started.