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The Morning After Pill

Morning-After Pill
(Emergency Contraception) at a Glance

  • Birth control you can use to prevent pregnancy up to 3 days (72hours) after unprotected sex
  • Safe, effective, and convenient
  • Easy to get
  • Cost 9900yen (including anti nausea tablets.)
  • What Is the Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)?

    Emergency contraception is a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy after unprotected intercourse. You may want to use it if,
    • The condom broke or slipped off.
    • You forgot to take your birth control pills, insert your ring, or apply your patch.
    • You weren't using any birth control.
    • You were forced to have unprotected vaginal sex.
  • How Effective Is the Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)?

    Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception) reduce the risk of pregnancy by 95-99 percent when started within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse.
    If you do not have your period within three weeks after taking emergency contraception, you may want to consider taking a pregnancy test.
  • How Safe Is the Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)?

    Emergency contraception is safe, and millions of women have used it. Various forms of emergency contraception have been used for more than 30 years. There have been no reports of serious complications.
  • What Are the Disadvantages of the Morning-After Pill (Emergency Contraception)?

    Nausea and throwing up are the most common side effects. Less than 1 out of 4 women feel sick when they take them.
    Other side effects of the morning-after pill may include,
    • breast tenderness
    • irregular bleeding
    • dizziness
    • headaches